Five things we learned about Forest

29 Aug

Wednesday 28th August 2013

Nottingham Forest         2.1          Millwall (AET)

(Derbyshire, Lascelles)                  (Feeney)


1. It was dull. Buying curtains is a very demanding ordeal. There are the width measurements and drop measurements to contend with and how likely it is that your window is anything approximating the sizes that are available. This can only mean one thing: adjusting them yourself. Also, simpletons like me are even unsure whether the measurements proudly proclaimed on the packaging refer to one curtain or both curtains together. In fact, do you get just the one curtain or two? These thoughts were on my mind throughout the game. That’s how dull the game was.


2. Forest have strength in depth. A full 11 changes were made from the game against Watford on Sunday. They still managed to beat a fellow Championship team. Admittedly, only very narrowly but there were some very decent players out there in effectively our second string: Gonzalo Jara Reyes is an established Chilean international with Premier League experience, Dorus De Vries is a very accomplished goalkeeper, Danny Collins has Premier League experience and Djamel Abdoun has Champions League experience. And we have Jamie Paterson who looks like a future star.


3. There’s a reason why some of these players didn’t play on Sunday against Watford and won’t against Wigan.  Although Matt Derbyshire scored…again… he contributed very little else. I have no wish to open the ‘strikers are paid to score goals and it doesn’t matter what they do or don’t do as long as they score goals’ debate here. He looked lightweight and unable to make the ball stick when he did get in a decent position to receive it. As for Ishmael Miller…I don’t quite know what to say. There is a very good player in that imposing frame of his somewhere as he clearly scared the Millwall defence when he ran towards goal from a wide right position. However, there is rarely anything that comes close to approximating an end product and there was a moment when he fell over his own feet and spooned the ball behind him. Some achievement. There was an audible laugh from the Main Stand.

4. Fringe players want to prove themselves. Abdoun clearly wants to be in the first team. He ran around all night and wanted the ball at every opportunity. He also showed some very neat touches and looks an exciting prospect. In fact, the only thing he can be guilty of is trying too hard. Paterson was outstanding all night and for one so young and slight, looks very mature in his playmaking and willingness to take responsibility. Words too for Danny Collins and Dan Harding whom, although much maligned in some quarters (ok, all quarters) looked solid and dependable.

5. Managers really do mould their teams in their own image. Millwall had a preposterous number if bald/shaven headed players; just like their manager Steve Lomas. Billy Davies is almost universally despised outside of NG2. Seeing some of the reaction to our yellow card count on Sunday against Watford and accusations of foul play, I suspect his team too are rapidly losing their tag as ‘don’t really mind Forest, used to play decent football when I was a lad’ amongst neutrals.

Our reward? Burnley away. Some reward.


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