This is how it feels to be lonely

10 Sep

Sunday 8th September 2013

Coventry City                    2.0          Colchester United

(Wilson 2)

So I have a mate who is a Colchester United fan who lives in London who suggested we meet up in Northampton to watch Coventry City play Colchester United. Got that? Good. I’ll proceed then.

1,789 turned up at Sixfields; Coventry City’s lowest ever league attendance. Two of those paying punters were only really there by chance too. A smattering of City fans stood on so-called Jimmy’s Hill to make their protest regarding Sisu’s ownership of their club. One rather formal bed sheet urged the FA to ‘Take Note’ of their plight; it’s good to see the use of such formal imperatives in such a protest. It seems that the gentrification of the game has ranged far and wide to even incorporate fan protests.

This few, this unhappy few diminished in their numbers and sloped off to the nearest Frankie & Bennys or Bella Italia or Showcase Cinema as the game progressed. I understand their frustration in that they don’t want to part with one more penny only to see it go to their current owners. I understand that they don’t want to make the 34 mile trip to this retail park to see their team play football.  I also understand that there is only a finite way in which supporters can make their voices heard in the modern game. Actually, that sentiment extends to modern society in that it seems that you can make as many peaceful protests as you like but the powers that be will do what they want regardless. But I also know that Rotherham United fans had to endure three seasons playing their home games in Sheffield but reluctantly turned up anyway. Now, let’s be clear here: I am not wading in with my rather dainty size 8 trainers to this highly emotive and divisive debate amongst City fans as to the rights and wrongs of going to Sixfields.  I simply wonder whether the best way of ensuring there is a club in the future is to support the club in their darkest hour and provide much needed revenue to both keep the club afloat and urge them on to league 1 survival as if they drop again, then it could well be curtains. However, I fully acknowledge that it is easy for the casual non City fan to make this observation; it’s not my club that is playing away from home every single game.

City looked good and should have won by a larger margin. United looked poor and rarely threatened. To be fair, the Us (that’s ‘Youse’) were severely weakened by injuries and suspensions but it was a sorry performance. On Monday 2nd January  2006, I saw an exciting Us side take Forest apart at Layer Road on the terraces in the Us end alongside this very same fan; this was an interesting yet at the same time, forgettable experience. Today was a far cry from that day.

Still, company, hot chocolate and a lesser spotted Boost bar was good. And I managed to write a whole article on Coventry City NOT playing in Coventry without punning on the whole ‘sent to Coventry’ thing.



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