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25 Sep

Wednesday 24th September 2013

Burnley                                2.1          Nottingham Forest

(Ings 2)                                 (Derbyshire)

It is very tempting to approach this written entry with a commensurate amount of contempt that the club and management appear to have approached the League Cup and write a curt and off-hand piece, or even get someone else to write it for me. But that would be childish. And I’m nothing if not…right, well, moving on quickly.

The team selection featuring another 11 changes from the side picked for league games can be either seen as a show of our strength in depth or an experimental reserve side that can be sent out without too much fear of recrimination should it go wrong.

If we beat Derby on Saturday, this game will be quickly forgotten. If we don’t, a worrying dip in form will be evident.

A good cup run would be nice though. We haven’t got anywhere near a sniff of even a quarter final for ages and it could be argued that a decent opportunity to achieve this was passed over last night.

Still, at least we can concentrate on the….*smack myself hard on the chin for not only contemplating but actually getting halfway through the king of clichés*


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