Anger is an energy

27 Oct

Saturday 27th October 2013

Yeovil Town       3.1          Nottingham Forest

(Upson 2, Webster)        (Chalobah)

First of all, fair play to Yeovil who fully deserved their victory. Let’s not make excuses or take anything away from their sterling first-half performance which made us look like mugs.

At first, I was angry.

I was angry at the team selection which for some reason didn’t feel right. And then I was really angry after 5 minutes – and this was before the back of our net rippled with the first goal. There was something clearly not right in the players’ body language which betrayed arrogance and seemed to lack any sense of urgency in closing the opposition down or tracking back.

And then I got angry towards our strikers for failing to go home after the Bournemouth debacle and read up on the offside rule. But this was nothing compared to the angst towards Simon Cox for a poor penalty attempt. But then my anger turned towards Billy Davies for his continued selection of a striker whose faith in his own ability to score disappeared sometime around the millennium bug debacle. I also got angry at the thought of anyone pointing out that he does a lot of work off the ball and runs the channels. This may be so but I’d prefer it if he scored the odd goal. Just one would be great.

I was particularly angry towards Nathan Chalobah for a shocking first-half performance which culminated in a poor challenge and a booking which was clearly borne out of frustration. Again, my anger turned towards the management and wondered whether Chalobah was clear in what his role in the midfield was and how this young man’s talents were currently being wasted in our team.

I got really angry at the sight of Lascelles being thrown up front for the remaining 10 minutes. We have enough strikers at the club to form their own union but it was felt that our best chance of scoring was to lump it to the big central defender.

And as for Darius Henderson: I was warming towards him prior to today but the sight of him tripping over and ‘accidentally’ kicking Webster in the head with his studs late on in the game did not get me angry – I was just disappointed.  It was no accident.

I was at the sight of Majewski being substituted since it was clear that as soon as he disappeared down the tunnel, we would lose the valuable possession that we gain around the edge of the opposition’s penalty area (thanks for @ForestBoffin) and would resort to hoofing it in the general direction of either Henderson’s head or over the shoulder of Mackie for him to chase it down to the corner flag. In fact, I was angry that our management team didn’t seem to have anywhere the same insight that @ForestBoffin’s pre-game tactical analysis had provided about the opposition.

And I was angry at Joel Grant for running our defence, especially our previously highly impressive Eric Lichaj, ragged.

I was angry at the geography of Yeovil – why does it have to be so far away? And at my satnav for thinking that going on the main ring road around Bristol on a Saturday lunchtime would be quicker than avoiding it and staying on the motorway. And as for the wind, well that really got on my nerves too. And as for those youths stood in front of me smoking their electronic cigarettes and frequent mention of tractors…

And then I reflected.

It was good to see Jara in the holding role, which he has been known to perform for Chile. And actually, he was quite good at it and seemed to grow in confidence.

I started to feel sorry for Simon Cox who, although lacking confidence, probably did the best thing by smacking his penalty as hard as he could in the hope that it would hit the net. He was a unlucky with the rebound too and that he came up against a goalkeeper having one of those days when he seems to have acquired Teflon gloves.

The anger subsided too when I reflected that Chalobah had not been with the club very long and still needed time to fit in to the team tactics and to the manager’s requirements. He is also still very young with a lot to learn and probably more frustrated with himself than I am with him. I guess that upon further reflection, the same sentiment goes for Henderson too.

I also thought back to Lascelles being chucked up front and felt that this did result in possibly our best chance of the game with a free header that he directed straight into Hennessey’s arms. After all, the tactic clearly worked and he is after all, a defender and not a natural finisher and lest we forget, he faced a goalkeeper named as man of the match.

And as for the management team, they are famously meticulous in their preparation for every game and football has so many variables that we mere fans who are not party to training sessions and the players’ own foibles and quirks for which cannot be easily legislated.

And as for the geographical location of Yeovil…well it was nobody else’s decision to drive there but mine and I know full well that citing long distance travelled and good money spent (what if it was bad money? Would that make a difference?) does not equate with the quality of away performances in football. It is my own stupid choice to embark on such pointless enterprises.

I’m still angry at the wind though.


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