Karma, cosmos and Cox…in that order

10 Nov

Saturday 9th November 2013

Leicester City    0.2          Nottingham Forest

(Cox, Mackie)

Of course, this result was never in doubt. What with Leicester City’s imperious home form, Forest’s shocking record at this particular stadium and our disappointing and frustrating recent form; including a defeat to the league’s bottom club and more tactical changes than a Michael Gove charm offensive, this fixture was always going to be, shall we say, a little challenging. The time-worn phrases such as ‘would take a draw’, ‘all about the performance’ and ‘hope we can at least manage a goal’ littered the NFFC Twitter timeline with the regularity of an offside decision against Simon Cox.

But football, fortunately, doesn’t work like that, does it?

This trivial game of ours seems to have its own in built karma switch which occasionally gets turned on and rectifies all that seems wrong in the world. City clearly enjoyed their last match, last minute, last gasp victory at our place which enabled them to experience their own play-off heartbreak.  Indeed, I would pay to watch a moan off between both sets of supporters placed on stage and told to regale their  play-off woe in a ‘Four Yorkshiremen’ style: that would be some competition what with ‘Yeovil’, ‘Dobbie’ and ‘Blackpool’ providing strong opposition to Leicester’s ‘Kermogant’ and ‘Deeney’. But these things happen and we move on. Or at least, we try to move on but it is difficult, weighed down as we are by the deep sea diver’s boots that each supporter wears in the form of entrenched heartache.

Yet, we each have our day. After Tottenham Hotspur stole the FA Cup from us in 1991, it seemed that we always came out on top for a good few years after this game, most notably in the shape of an epic League Cup semi-final.  Likewise, our wretched record against Oldham Athletic is clearly the result of cosmic fall-out from our League Cup victory against the Latics in the 1990 final. So, the Foxes will no doubt have to pay for their glorious day in the sun back in May. And today was a big instalment.

And so with all odds stacked against us, we had THAT stuffed in our back pockets; the fact that surely it was our turn to chalk up a win in the fair city of Leicester – something that has to eventually happen sometime. After all, even a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day.

How broken were we? Well, reports of our brokenness seem to have been exaggerated. For all the talk of the mythical ‘20goalsaseasonstriker’, our ‘goals for’ column remains healthy. Sure we’ve conceded sloppy last minute goals recently but who doesn’t? And yes, Mr Davies has tinkered with the midfield in an effort to protect the defence but this certainly needed doing. All this caused much consternation with some threads even lining up who Fawaz would turn to when the inevitable happened and Billy eventually decided against a ‘no comment’ in favour of an attack on his ex-chairman to vent his fury at receiving his P45. But we all get a little frustrated at times. In reality, we remain a decent team capable of giving all teams in the league a tough game and likely to reach the play-offs so that we can add to our glorious history of tragic failure; or something like that.

Cox still struggles to understand the off side rule but he did what he does best today; score against Leicester. Foxes fans: believe you me, we are as bewildered by this as any of you lot are. Sure we were under the cosh and sure we only crated 3 decent chances but what good chances they were. Sure we endured lots of pressure but apart from Darlow’s excellent save from Nugent’s header, we looked reasonably comfortable. And when Nugent is denied scoring against us, you know that it’s an unusual day. It was also quite pleasing to see us spring forward in the hope of scoring a third as the game wore on which means that it would be unfair to accuse of simply shutting up shop and defending once we took the lead.

In fact, looking back, the result was such a nailed on certainty that it was almost a surprise that neither Jack Hobbs nor Wes Morgan scored for their respective teams with towering back post headers from corner kicks; clearly the cosmic forces are saving these occurrences for the return fixture.

So for now, at least, the cosmic debt is settled. Until the next time anyway….


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