Slip sliding away

1 Dec

Saturday 30th November 2013

Nottingham Forest         2.3          Reading

(Cox, Henderson)                            (Pogrebnyak, Gorkks, Obita)

Since you are taking the time to read this, I can only assume that like me, the thought of not only missing a home game but furthermore, being without any access to the game’s proceedings and only being able to find the actual final score a whole 12 hours after the final whistle is one that is at best, difficult to comprehend and at worst, sacrilege. Yet this is the position I found myself in on Saturday morning as I drove 5 miles or so from the isolated village of Ilam into Ashbourne with two objectives: firstly to get a toothbrush and secondly to acquire knowledge of how we fared against Reading.

As the bars on my phone started to show a signal being acquired, I also locked onto a faint signal from the beloved BBC Radio Notts. It was 8.30 am. Surely they would report the score.

They did.

Morning ruined.

Grumpiness accelerated.

Let’s backtrack a little. A weekend staying in a Youth Hostel and being out of range of any twitter, radio or anything remotely approximating a signal on Friday night was, whisper it, quite a pleasurable revelation.  I couldn’t do anything about the performance or score and moreover, I was unable to watch #NFFC go into meltdown post game. The result happened, therefore it was.

So as I spent my Saturday afternoon rambling up hill and down dale, I was chilled. We’d lost. Disappointing but always a tough game against Reading, especially with their army of ex-trickies no doubt keen to put on a show. And had I heard right that Cox and Henderson had scored? That’s a good sign, I mused. Cox on a scoring spree and also coming back from an obviously shocking opening period. And we do have a packed treatment table at the moment.

And then I thought some more.

I bet we’ve dropped down a few places in the league. I bet we’ve dropped out of the play-offs. And we do have a packed treatment table at the moment.

Sunday evening. Driving home from Derbyshire to south Lincolnshire. Starving hungry. Frankie & Bennie’s sign seductively flirting with my families stomachs. Location? Pride Park.

As we dined in the shadow of aforementioned stadium, I was genuinely unaware that Derby had recorded an impressive victory against Wigan to jump above us in the league. I say impressive since Wigan’s first half showing against us is, to my mind, the most impressive team we have come up against. Well, them and Yeovil. Always Yeovil.

And then The Guardian and lifelong tricky tree Daniel Taylor does exactly what Bros sung about all those years ago: put the cat right in amongst the pigeons with a few heartfelt tweets, correctly pointing out that we had made little progress in terms of league position since this time last year and that the club had not exactly covered itself in glory in terms of dignity with its dealings with the press and management issues. What was quite interesting was the response: some in total agreement and others engaging in keyboard warrior mode and using some very naughty words. Not for the first time in recent times, Forest fans were divided. And it all seems to centre around one man: Step forward Mr Billy Davies.

What to say? Well, it’s complicated isn’t it? There always was a dreaded feeling as to how it might all pan out should results start to deteriorate. Many have had their say on this, me included and the Seat Pitch match report on the Reading game by Steve Wright puts it rather eloquently: the pressure is very much on this season, poor results inevitably lead to talk of even more signings and well, Mr Davies is a difficult man to warm to, even when we are winning!

But chill out! It’ll all be ok! After all, easy away games against teams at the foot of the table coming right up. By Saturday afternoon, we’ll be laughing at our so-called mini crisis as we reflect upon 6 points collected and power back into the play-offs.  And even better, I’m going to Hillsborough on Saturday and when I’ve seen us away at Wigan and Yeovil, we’ve been……Scratch that, in any case, we always perform against teams at the foot of the table on our travels….don’t we?

Don’t we?





2 Responses to “Slip sliding away”

  1. Hector10 December 1, 2013 at 8:49 pm #

    Wasn’t it Deacon Blue that watched a dinghy called Dignity sail away?

    Anyway I digress and wonder if your news blackout hid you from the news that Dave Jones has been sacked by The Owls had popped up? I wonder what odds are available on new manager syndrome getting 3 points next weekend for Wednesday?

    • marplesdavid December 1, 2013 at 8:55 pm #

      It was Deacon Blue! That is a good shout.
      I did notice that Jones was picking up his P45. That is an absolute cast iron home victory against us next Saturday. No question.
      Our timing is shocking.
      That Steve McClaren, eh? Who’d have thought it?

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