Chasing Rainbows

22 Dec

Saturday 21st December 2013

Birmingham City              0.0          Nottingham Forest

Things are never as bad as you think: two clean sheets in a row are not to be sniffed at and we are now unbeaten in 3.

But is it just me or has the excitement, like a long opened half empty bottle of bubbly, fizzled out a little? Has the pride in seeing the reds stride onto the pitch lost a little bit of its magic? I know full well that as a football fan who chooses to follow my team that this inherently involves a huge degree of disappointment and frustration. I KNOW that and you won’t find me equating my season ticket with ‘value for money’. Simply because I choose to spend £29 for the Hillsborough game does not mean that I should expect a better standard of football or indeed, a Forest victory. It’s a game which on some occasions is entertaining and leaves you feeling fulfilled, on other occasions leaves you feeling drained and low (and on the very occasional, rare occasion, is the best thing ever). However, today’s left me feeling a little let down.

Lansbury’s cheeky Gary Crosbyesque ‘goal’ was mildly diverting and back in the day, would have counted. But we all know now that this kind of thing is not tolerated (‘down with this sort of thing’) and will never ever result in the goal standing. It could be argued that this smacked of desperation. Henderson has increasingly impressed in his ability to hold the ball and fight (ahem) for every loose ball but he really didn’t help the cause today by lasting all of 7 minutes: and this after we had just started to make tactical adjustments in an effort to commit men forward and sneak a winner. His tackle looked worse that it was but I suspect it was his reaction that ensured the ref reached for the red: standing up and leaning into Robinson with head held well and truly in head butt mode was not the wisest manoeuvre. Of course, one could make the point that Henderson had no option what with Robinson confronting him aggressively but, well, let’s just say our Darius looked like he was fronting up for a bar room brawl and leave it at that.

Red cards and goalless draws happen: this is an accepted fact. But the manner in which we played the last 12 minutes was a little, shall we say, disappointing for me. A Brum blogger perhaps, gallingly, summed it up thus:

“Following that, though, we were treated to 12 minutes of the Tom Daley Diving School mixed with the Mourinho School of Bench High Dudgeon At Every Decision. Bizarre.”

The diving accusation is a little exaggerated. After all, Lee almost chopped Mackie in two but as for the rest of it? They’ve got a point. We harassed and harangued the referee at every decision: Reid and Lansbury being persistent offenders here. The sight of our entire backroom staff standing up, arms aloft in incredulousness at a decision is becoming as iconic and choreographed  as Tony Adams and co. stood arms aloft. It is this that is making it all a little less fun than it used to be. It is this that is making our club rather unpopular. Should we care? Well, sensitive soul that I am, I do care.

I know it sounds like I’m having a pop at certain people and I have named a few names but we all know that Reid and Lansbury are without doubt quality players, without which we would be much further down the table. Also, their actions can be interpreted as evidence that they really care: I don’t doubt this for a minute. I am just of the rather idealistic notion that I want to have a little more pride in my club than I currently do. I am not ripping my ticket up in anger and this feeling will no doubt pass should we beat QPR on Boxing Day. But victories, defeats and goalless draws come and go: the elusive rainbow for me at the moment is not automatic promotion but feeling the pride again.


One Response to “Chasing Rainbows”

  1. Phil Lengthorn December 23, 2013 at 6:17 pm #

    Good to see the phrase ‘automatic promotion’ has made an appearance….I’d always assumed a play-off place was the target.

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