I love it when a plan comes together

6 Feb

Wednesday 5th February 2014

Preston North End          0.2          Nottingham Forest

(Mackie, Henderson)

When Henderson slammed the ball decisively into the corner of the net in the dying seconds of this game, this was the moment when justice was served.

Frankly, it was nothing less than we deserved after successfully lulling Preston into a false sense that they could win the game.  The manner in which we teased their players by pretending that we were unable to string a pass together, although derided in some quarters, turned out to be a masterstroke of tactical genius straight from the shelf of Mourinho. In some games, a team will get forced back into their half under a constant wave of pressure. In such cases, fans will cry out for their defence to get out: don’t defend so deep.

Not here.

No way.

We expertly sat back, soaked up the pressure and picked them off at just the right time. Hendo’s clinical finish was our just rewards.  We earned this.

Some will have you believe that Preston were the better team: I don’t know what game they were watching but they must be neglecting the marauding run from Mackie deep into Preston territory which served our intentions for the second half. For me, it’s not the amount of possession that you have in the opposition half but the quality of the run. It doesn’t matter that this was perhaps one of only two forays into enemy territory; Mackie’s lolloping legs took him from his own half right to the penalty box. Have that.

Preston might feel aggrieved but this would be a short-sighted view. After knocking on the door for practically the whole of the second half, we finally put the game to bed. Never has a victory been more deserved.

Bring on the fifth round.


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