A ship without a rudder

1 Apr

Tuesday 29th   March 2014

Ipswich Town                     1.1      Nottingham Forest                      

(Murphy)                                              (Collins)

Sometimes, it all gets a bit too much and a bit of perspective is required. Needless to say, I sat this one out after seemingly living and breathing all things Forest in the post Billy toxic fall-out. Previous trips to Ipswich had generally not well rewarded: a 6.0 hammering when the team was flu stricken a few years ago springs horribly to mind.

It’s not that I’ve given up on my team simply because we appear to be out of play-off contention but that we simply needed a break, a little time, a bit of distance. Well, that and spending the odd Saturday afternoon with family and friends would be nice too.

Naturally though, twitter updates were obsessively and rudely checked and the odd trip indoors to check that the television was still working were frequent.

Osborn, eh? Blimey. Surely he can’t be ready for first team action since if he were, surely he would have already played what with all those injuries and everything? In any case, it turns out he can play and did a decent job.

Collins’ early header was cancelled out by a Murphy strike and the tractor boys were kept at arm’s length in the play-off race. Given how things have been going, an away draw is gratefully received.

Unfortunately I will miss the next two home games with a school trip to Holland on the calendar but by the time I come back, we will have chalked up two home wins, Reid, Lansbury, Hobbs, Wilson, Lichaj, Wilson and even Cohen will be back in action, Lascelles will have rediscovered his mojo, Jara will look like a World Cup player, Mackie will contribute more than hard graft and shouting at team mates, Cox and Henderson will be more mobile than a clapped out VW Camper Van, Collins will open his scoring account and Stuart Pearce will be manager…

(If Collins can score a goal then…maybe…just maybe…)


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